Things You May Want to Know

*  My name is Karen and I have the best job in the world, I am a mother.  I'm good at my job, just ask our son.  He adores me.  I spend hours every day playing with an amazing little guy!

* I have an amazing husband.  He's an amazing father.   He's not afraid to change stinky diapers, but he prefers wrestling with our little man.   It's so much fun to watch my two boys together.

*  We adopted our son Elijah at birth.   We have an open adoption.  This is something that I'm good at.   Relationships are important to me, so I put in the work needed to make them work.   If you need refrences concerning this matter just ask.  Elijah's birth family can back me up.  

* If you have any questions in general about adoption, just ask.   I love talking about it.  You may be lucky enough to hear Elijah's adoption story.   I'm looking forward to the adoption of our second child.   Who knows, maybe you will be part of that story.   

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